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Miri Aloni Rivlin

Miri Aloni Rivlin

I am a certified Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher.

When I lived in Israel, I volunteered for a few years in the executive committee of the Israeli Iyengar Yoga  associations.                   
It all started more than 18 years ago, towards the end of a year-long trip I had with my husband in the Far East.
Before that I danced for sixteen years, both dancing and teaching dance classes for all ages (elementary to adults). I learned for six years Tai Chi and Chi Kung. I’ve completed a M.F.A in theatre design from Tel Aviv University, and graduated cum laude.
And then I found Iyengar Yoga.
This was a very significant experience for me. I felt I found something that involves body, mind and soul and contributes to my balance, health and serenity. The search was over…
I devoted myself to Yoga. I’ve started practicing, and  then started Yoga teacher’s training, in order to improve my practice, and to gain deeper knowledge of Yoga. Eventually I became a certified teacher. 
I’ve taught Yoga for several years in Israel. Then I relocated with my family to California, where I continued to practice and teach Yoga. In California, I assisted in therapeutic classes of senior Iyengar Yoga masters, in order to improve my knowledge and understand how to assist people that suffer from different health issues.

I've returned to Israel in 2011 and taught there for 7 years, and in 2018 we returned to Palo Alto, where I continue to teach Yoga.
I practice Yoga on a daily basis, and I believe in the power of Yoga to change us – both physically and mentally
From my personal experience, I feel that Yoga works in different levels. Yoga can help you recover from injuries; improve alignment and posture, flexibility and strength. It can also help mentally – calm and cultivate the mind.

Small groups. Personal attention
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